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Serving landscape contractors for over 50 years!

When you partner with Greendell + Musselman Landscape Solutions for your landscape supplies, you are also getting a knowledgeable sales team interested in supporting your project from start to finish, a group of vendors offering training opportunities and certifications, and a fleet capable of prompt delivery to any job site in central Indiana.


As Indiana’s Original Mulch Manufacturer, we take the quality of our mulches VERY seriously. You won’t find aged pallet material or total land clearings in our premium products for the sake of protecting your mulch investment, and landscape project as a whole.

We know the mulch market in Indiana can be confusing but let us be abundantly clear in the benefits of our mulches and what they are made of—questions you SHOULD be asking your supplier. Since our founding in 1969, we have advocated for the use of tree bark in landscape applications.

Hardscape Products

Your customer demands excellence. We are your source for the finest materials, the tried-and-true brands in our market. You’ll find everything from manufactured concrete to exclusive natural stone, and the aggregate and accessories to get the job done. Reliable paver joint stabilization and sealer options are stocked at both locations for the perfect finishing touch. When your situation calls for some back-up, our project consultants are prepared and well-versed to answer your questions and provide support.


Soil is the foundation of any great growth space. We offer pulverized topsoil, topsoil blends with compost, and compost varieties that have been screened and stored under cover to ensure workability.

We carefully source topsoil from central Indiana jobsites. You’ll find many suppliers are screening and selling clay from basement dugouts in new construction neighborhoods. We visit every job site that our soil comes from to guarantee we are screening true, clean topsoil. 

Both of our locations are registered composting facilities with the state of Indiana. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management regularly visits our compost piles and we are diligent in checking loads we receive. Piles are meticulously turned and aged until the product is mature and ready to be installed on your job site.

Outdoor Living

High-end landscape lighting, fire features, grills, and speaker systems will bring your clients’ dreams to life with the durability necessary for a long-term outdoor living space.

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Chris brings over 15 years of industry experience and product knowledge- previously managing large-scale landscape operations. He is ICPI-Level 1 Certified and an Indiana Accredited Horticulturist. Currently, Chris serves on the Indianapolis Landscape Association Board of Directors. Chris is an ally for our customers on the job site- his deep installation and business knowledge solves problems and helps develop landscape companies.

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