Nursery Growers

Greendell’s line of specialty nursery soilless growing mixes is formulated to meet the demands of our valued growers. We have over 30 years of experience formulating our mix line as well as custom blends. Our soils department has a deep breadth of knowledge when it comes to medium components, application, and the overall science behind mixing for germination. We are very proud to be the trusted supplier of central Indiana’s largest nursery operations.

Our professional growing medias are blended with the highest quality raw materials. Choose one of our tried-and-true formulations, or have your specifications mixed to order.

Fertilizers and boosters are available. Mixes are tested in house and by independent third-party labs. Mixes are available in 2 cubic foot bags, 1 cubic yard totes, 2 cubic yard totes, or in bulk.

Custom mix additives include: peat moss, bark fines, Midi® bark mulch, haydite, pine bark, perlite, vermiculite, gypsum, Soil Moist®, rice hulls, lime, and fertilizer.

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Karen oversees the mixing of raw materials to meet specification, product development, testing, and quality control. Karen enjoys working with customers to provide quality products and service to maximize plant growth.

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