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We hope you find this website to be a great resource to find more information on our curated collection of quality brands, available through Greendell + Musselman Landscape Solutions

Searching for a single item

Click the magnifying glass under the top menu and search by any product keyword to avoid clicking through multiple pages to find what you need! 

Viewing Pricing

You must be logged into your account with us to view price information. You can request a login on this page or by emailing your sales rep contact. 

If you need help resetting your password, please reach out to Samantha at SGuffy (@)


Inventory Policies

On some products, you may find inventory information. Please see definitions:

Regular Stocking = This item is something we regularly stock at either or both locations. This does not mean that the item is in stock. 

NON Stocking = This item is something we have quick access to, with a short lead time. 

Special Order = This item is something that must be special ordered from a vendor. The lead time may be long, and a deposit is usually required for us to order this item for you. 


Spreadsheet Formats

If you need a spreadsheet format of our product data to for LMN, Aspire, or other software, please contact us.

We are working to upload full spreadsheets by brand, located on our Resources by Brand page.


Price Disclaimer

Prices are subject to change without notice. By creating an account with us, you have subscribed to email updates when major product line changes occur.



If there is something you are looking for that you cannot find, please let us know! There are many outdoor living accessories we have access to that may not be on this site. 

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