Cast Craftsman Bronze Borneo 2 LED


These solid bronze path lights are compact with extreme durability. Now
available with integrated LED lamps or bi-pin drop-in LED lamps.

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Made with 70% USA content!

CCPLBOB - Integrated LED Lamp

CCPLBOBL - Drop-In LED lamp (available in February 2021)

Suitable for lighting walkways, planting beds, and other areas.


CAST solid sand-cast bronze for unmatched corrosion resistance
Unbreakable bodies, hats, stems, and stake
No coatings to peel, flake, chip, or fade
No threads that weaken stems
Marine-grade Tin-Coated No-Ox Wire for lifetime electrical conductivity.

Premium-quality LEDs for consistent color temperature and accurate color rendering
Electronics protected from electrical spikes and surges
Electromagnetic radiation (EMI) filtered to prevent interference with wireless devices

Additional information

Inventory Policy

regular stocking


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